Da 24 anni, il primo software italiano per lo staffing e il workforce management.

Scopra come iniziare subito a rendere più efficiente la gestione del personale!

Staff Scheduling

Pianificazione dei turni di lavoro di centri commerciali, magazzini, case di cura, redazioni giornalistiche e simulazione scenari produttivi

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Shift Management

Software per la programmazione operativa dei turni di aeroporti, call center, aziende di produzione, ospedali, enti pubblici.

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Workforce Analysis

Analisi della redditività della gestione del personale per generare report a supporto delle decisioni del management aziendale.

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Archimede S.r.l. is an Italian company that for over twenty years realizes staff management software used by manufacturing companies, health companies,  call centers, airports, handling companies, logistics companies, police stations, municipal companies, public institutions, and by both very articulated and small and flexible structures.

Archimede Suite is a calabile, practical and efficient shift workers management tool, a software solution used by hundreds of structures throughout the Italian territory to make shift management more effective, to reduce the variable work costs and to make the organization and the administration of human resources very efficient and economic.

Suite Archimede HR: Shift Management Software

Shift Management Software: HR Solutions to Ensure Efficiency

Workforce Management Software

Archimede’s time-scheduling applications are solutions with over 20 years of underdeveloped development designed to ensure transparency and efficiency in work shift management.

The Archimede Suite is used by medium to large size structures to reduce trade union conflicts, improve business climate through more intuitive scheduling scheduling, schedule weekly or monthly activities with order and simplicity, automating all of them Repetitive tasks that, when executed with spreadsheets, consume time and effort unnecessarily.

Archimede HR applications are wide-ranging solutions used in Italy and abroad, conceived to be applied to reality of different sizes but with specific implementations to meet the operational needs of diverse types of business (call centers, airports, Hospitals, public offices, newspapers …).


Workforce management software for airports and logistics companies

Great realities like airport require HR applications conceived in a synergy and comprehensive manner to cater for the extensive workforce management needs.

Air traffic management software and logistics company software allows you to:

  • Define specific permissions for planner profiles
  • To develop an intuitive and quick tool for the transmission of preferences and documents between employees and managers
  • Elaborate staffing reports with directional dashboards to compare KPI

Case History: Aeroporto di Lamezia Terme Partnership: N-Aitec

Shift management software for healthcare

Archimede HR Suite applications enable information system managers and staff managers to work out shifts with the least possible errors and keep track of decisions and changes made to create organized and transparent staff management.

For healthcare facilities, where staff spending is one of the most significant items in the budget, the benefit is real when the simulation of the shifts allow you to establish the right staffing disposition, compensate for the extraordinary with the institute of the mountain hours, Use static and dynamic matrices with which to make faces to needs beyond the ordinary.

Some kinds of healthcare facilities that use shift management software:

  • hospitals
  • Sanitary cooperatives and ambulance management
  • Red Crosses
  • Public Mercy
  • nursing homes
  • Rest homes
  • Rehabilitation institutes
  • Hospital companies
  • emergency room
  • pharmacies

Case History: Figlie di Santa Maria della Provvidenza Case History: Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute Case History: Archimede e ASL di Parma Case History: Archimede e ASL di Imola

Shift management software for Call Center

workforce management software

Archimede’s workforce management applications allow medium and large call centers to define needs accurately based on historical trends and new requirements as predicted by the simulations of future developments: using Erlang formulas and other calculations for services Outsourcing telephones you can parameterize the needs of people by qualification and assign them according to the appropriate needs.

Scheduling for call centers allows you to:

  • Predict the best number of operators per turn
  • Compare minima and maxima with different qualifications
  • Exclude special employees for health or personal reasons
  • Distribute the availability according to the skills required
  • Check the distance between the current programming and the most economically advantageous on

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