Staff Scheduling Software

Piani@rc allows an optimal resources sizing to carry out the planned activities, and it is based on predetermined parameters and service standards.
The application employs sophisticated algorithms to translate business needs in staffing needs and to group them by category, in accordance with any biological nature constraint.
Piani@rc consists of two different applications that can be used separately.

Suite Archimede HR: Shift Management Software

Staff Scheduling Software

“Shift Requirements” Application

The Piani@rc application is able to automatically generate shift requirements from the business and staff needs, in accordance with contractual bonds and biological needs.
Such requirements can be both manually and automatically generated from a set of activities that have to be completed, according to an internal customizable algorithm that processes the customer needs.

The solution is then able to automatically suggest how many people must be assigned to each single turn, to make a choice between full time or part time shifts or between four-hours and six-hours shifts. This data can be provided as input to Turni@rc for its programming analysis. This application is a prerequisite for the next one.

“Work Shifts Matrix” Application

After the definition of requirements for each category, the application lets you to process work shifts matrices in compliance with the lawful constraints (for example, rests) and with the company rules and – of course – so that in each round is present the optimal number of employees.

The result of this processing will be exported to the Turni@rc application.
All the simulations produced can be analyzed through multiple kinds of reports.

It’s also possible to define different simulation scenarios (“What if”), and also comparing and analizing in a business environment the simulations created.

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