Shift Management Software

The Turni@arc application let’s you to achieve the best shift schedulation managing,  and it’s able to manage – through intuitive graphical interfaces – all the potential and not foreseen variations of established programming (unplanned absences, shift changes etc.).
The application enables automatic work shift scheduling and  it’s able to analyze shift work costs and performances. Turni@rc consists of four different applications can be used separately. 

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Suite Archimede HR: Shift Management Software

 “Basic” ApplicationShift management software Turni@rc

In compliance with the company rules, it is possible to define different user profiles – each characterized by its own user id and password to access to the system – with the ability to use specific features related to the role: from the general supervisor – authorized to create and define new users – until the operative subject – with just the function of producing shift reports.

The managed information include kinds of shifts, established shift rules and contractual staff aspects; after processing this information, the system is able to produce the best shift timing in the chosen period,  based on the previously established constraints and rules.

The reference period can be of any duration, without any constraint or requirement.

It can also remedy unexpted absences during the shift work, planning and execute the shift changes.

In addition to this, the system checks if there are any uncovered positions, it reports to the user and – if required – it suggests possible solutions, memorizing every change that have occurred and its author.

Finally, a lot of publishable report are produced and exported to various formats.

“Advanced” Application

This application lets you a daily shift management in which the user is focused on the activities to carry out. Daily shifts can be displayed for each employee or for activities, making possible – in a simple and intuitive way – report every made change.

The application allows the realization of advanced statistical cost reports (concerning, for example, the worked hours compared to overtimes), thus enabling a shift cost analysis and the verification of the correct shift trends, the compliance with the lawful restrictions and with the company rules.

Programma turni di lavoro

“External Interfaces” Application

This application lets you to export the processed shifts to any presence detection system and to receive the clocking data in order to report the situation of the operators that are present in peripheral sites; it allows also a daily data communication to the designated offices.

The attendance recording application – being able to compare the information from the detectors with the planned shifts, thanks to a direct coupling of the theoretical data with the report data – does not make interpretation errors during the time slots allocation, greatly reducing the anomalies correction work.

The application also allows to import data from any human resources system, as well as work shifts and shift matrices, by enabling you to schedule their tasks or execute them manually.


 “InfoShifts” Application

This application lets appropriately authorized workers to view their shifts, to submit vacation requests,  shift changes, preferences etc., and to check their outcomes.
You can access to this application by the company intranet or Internet.

The responsible user can approve and implement the changes, can automatically insert them in the management plans or reject them. Of course, these operations are stored in the application database, making evident the benefits of the procedure compared to the paper format modality.

Every change to the allocation plan can be notified by mail, through a text message to the staff involved.

The application lets shift workers to perform administrative tasks more quickly  and less expensive than taking the shifts data throughout the day, to allow the online real-time publishing; it allows to make transparent – in compliance with privacy – the activated services.

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