Real Time Management Software

The Oper@rc application produces an operating environment in which you can view and edit in real-time the shift workers placement as a result of the new requirements.
The user can check the staff distribution in accordance with events – through a visual interface – and can compare it in real time with the scheduled shifts, even they belong to structures set in more territories. The Oper@rc application consists in three different modules can be separately used.
Real Time Visualization

Suite Archimede HR: Shift Management Software

“Displaying and Monitoring” Application

This application shows the real-time workforce  status on the basis of data acquired by the attendance systems, and lets administrators and supervisors to verify and control the situation of the shift workers.

Through the integration of clockings with assigned shifts in Turni@rc, you can generate a graphic real-time shifts execution control mask – through the employ of colors associated with certain states – that provides an immediate visual idea of the shifts execution.
The basic graphic is represented by a cartesian plane with horizontal variable length bars (depending by the length of the displayed information, like in a Gantt chart) with a red vertical bar that reports the spend time.

It also provides different aggregation views levels and reports that lets you to view in real time     – in a single screen – all structures throughout the territory, with every level of detail, until the individual employee level and his clockings level.

“Detection and Attendance Management” Application

On the basis of the clockings (operational data) acquired by attendance recording systems – and subsequently updated with the attendance data directly collected by employees and / or managers –  an environment of consolidated data – shared with the personnel administration system, and based on logical customizable workflows – is ​​available.

In addition to the normally structured reports, it allows to power a dedicated environment to perform – with advanced tools – analysis and comparisons between the information about the use of the resources, produced during various process stages (planning, programming, operative management and reporting).

“Events and Operative Shifts Management” Application

After the publication of work plans and the shifts suspension (service order), an operating environment is generated, in which the user will be able in real-time, both  viewing and changing the shift workers employee in accordance with the actual situations. The user will be able to automatically acquire all operational changes (clockings,   delay, illness and/or absences reporting etc.), that are essential for the shifts reorganization. This application allows staff to increase his ability to react to unforeseen business events, through an appropriate shift modification.

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